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I have decided to undertake this adventure

"Being a Dutch widower of 56 years old I tried to find a wife in The Netherlands through internet dating. After being unsuccessful for a few years I tried my good luck in Russia. I was and am interested in the Russian culture and until now I try to learn some Russian. Coincidentally I found a website in The Netherlands with regard to dating of Russian women. This website appeared to be linked to the website "Russian Enigma" run by Elena Moltova, a very nice and warm-hearted lady who would take excellent care of me. I made a lot of effort in order to find out whether these websites were run by reliable people. I had heard a lot of stories about cheating in relation to such sites. But after a while I was convinced that honest people were involved. They offer a VIP arrangement (during 8 or 14 days) meaning that it is possible to select a number of Russian women and visit them in Rostov on the Don, if they are prepared to meet you as well. The idea is that meeting a large number of women increases the chance of a good match. Having been convinced that both websites were trustworthy I chose ten women and Elena wrote me that they wanted to meet me as well. The idea of going to Rostov on the Don kept on itching me!So I decided to undertake this adventure and went to Rostov having skyped twice with Elena. She waited for me at the airport, gave me a warm welcome and guided me to the apartment I had asked her to choose for me. It turned out to have good facilities and I felt very good in it during 7 days. Elena had made a busy schedule for me. The first three days I would meet 10 ladies in different restaurants, all restaurants very nice by the way! My meetings with the ladies were a great experience! I found all of them very nice with attractive characters. I had the impression that they looked very seriously for a good reliable men to build a life with. My conversations with them went smoothly since Elena did an excellent job in translating what we said. I had the idea that the ladies liked me as well! My only problem was that it was hard to choose which lady I would prefer...! I met all of them a second time in the following days, some even three times and it was great fun with them. Rostov is also a pleasant city with nice parks and beautiful promenades. After a wonderful week, which I can recommend to every men, I went home. I had not made a choice but that is not a problem for me. At Christmas time I may decide to come back and meet Elena and a few ladies again (if they want that too of course:)).So I really can recommend single men to visit Rostov on the Don and make use of Elena's services. She looks after you very well and always on time. The ladies I met in this city had a warmth I had not experienced for a long time and it was a great and very pleasant surprise for me to meet them!Frank Groot+31(0)620440412"September, 2015

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I'm married now and we are very happy. Thank you for nice help.

I have decided to undertake this adventure

Elena was an excellent host in my stay in Rostov.

When I remember Russian-Enigma , Elena and her friendly smile is the first image that comes to my mind

Congratualtion to our newly engaged couple Alex and Julia
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Tatiana #1027
Age: 61 Height:  5 ft 2"


Evgenia #237
Age: 52 Height:  5 ft 1"


Love story

They met each other in Rostov...
My heart is full of joy because she has loved me, and has taken away all my loneliness!
There was a spark which turned into a relationship...
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