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Personal introduction

If you are seeking a truly personal service to assist you in your search for that special Russian woman, if you want something more than buying addresses and mailing letters, then the personal introduction service could be just what you require.

Some men out there want to find the right woman, but they cant for different reasons. They send their letters to a lot of women, but they have no positive replies, or have just a few, but with no serious result. They waste much time, effort, hopes and money. Why does it happen? Maybe they choose the wrong women. Maybe they write the wrong letters. Maybe they sent poor photographs of themselves.  Maybe they dont know how to introduce themselves. We are here to help. Most women like the personal introduction service because they are happier to have a person that they can trust, to help them to sort out any problems which may occur, and to answer their questions. We will introduce you to them in the best way, as if you were our closest friend! *You will be recommended as a Serious-minded Man. We offer you a unique service that is personal, caring and individually tailored. Our total aim is to help you find a compatible partner with whom you can start a relationship leading to a harmonious life together.

Personal introduction service
New visitor $180
special discount
Cautious, Determined member $150

If you like the idea of being able writing to our ladies directly to their personal e-mails, placing Your Personal Ad for FREE, asking of additional information about the ladies for FREE, having up to 20% discount for the Romance Journey and other discounts for our services - then take your chance to become a member!

How does it work?

The first step

  • First of all, we ask you to send one or more photos of yourself. It is very important that you supply us with flattering and attractive photos, so that you will be able to arouse the interest of the women.  Please, look through your photos carefully and choose ones where you look happy and where youre smiling. They shouldnt be any kind of official photo, as for passport, for example. It is important that you should like yourself in these photos. If you have a child, or children it  would be wonderful to send a photo where you are together. Russian women value caring fathers very much, and  it would be one of the points in your favour.. The same with animals, if you have your own pets, you should send photos taken  with them. Also, our women like to see photos of where the man lives.. The persons world helps them  to understand his nature. They appreciate nice tidy houses, small gardens with flowers. If they see all that, they would also be attracted more. So, we think the right photos are very important for making a first impression.
  • Secondly, you need to fill in and send us as attachment our very detailed Personal Introduction questionnaire as honestly as possible. It is also very important to us to get to know you as well as possible. Using the information from your questionnaire we can more successfully introduce your to our women.
  • And lastly, please, select up to 30 women from our database that you want to be introduced to. Put the chosen women in order of preference. And that is it. Everything else we will do for you.

The second step

  • We will then prepare your profile, translate it in Russian, print your color photos and set about introducing you to the ladies, starting from the top lady of your list. After an initial telephone conversation, we will invite her to the office or even visit her at home, where we can have a more relaxing talk about you. To create more romantic atmosphere we will present her with one long stem pink rose and the message from you: You touch my heart(or any other).  Our trump card is the warmest and detailed conversation about you. We will answer all the questions she may have about you, and if her general feeling is positive, but she has some more questions for you, we will contact you to ask. If for any reason she does not find you to be her cup of tea, we will introduce you in  the same way to the lady of your second choice. And we will continue until we get a positive response from up to 3 women. If it happens that in spite of our efforts we dont find any woman who answers you positively among those 30 you have chosen, we will ask you to select again WITH NO EXTRA CHARGE, more than that, we will send you up to 10 profiles and photos of ladies who we feel could be of interest to you. And we will be working until we find up to 3 ladies, who would be very serious about starting relationship with you.
  • We will then translate into English the reply letters from the ladies, will take their photos meant especially for you and will e-mail all these to you. We will then consider our service to you, to be over.

But it doesnt mean that we forget about you!

We will be looking forward to meeting you in Rostov-on-Don to introduce you to your lady or (ladies), you have corresponded with, in person.

If you decide to visit your lady/ladies personally, go to the  Romance Journey page for more info.


What do I have to do to order Personal Introduction service?

1. If you are new to our service, please, register first. 

2. Complete your personal introduction service by payment either online or by cheque or bank transfer.

3.  Fill in  and send us at Russian Enigma the Personal Introduction questionnaire and one or more photographs of yourself in jpg. format no larger than 50kb each as an ATTACHMENT documents.

You are joining a unique service where you will be important to us personally!






New visitor:  $180.00
Cautious/Determined member:  $150.00



I'm married now and we are very happy. Thank you for nice help.

I have decided to undertake this adventure

Elena was an excellent host in my stay in Rostov.

When I remember Russian-Enigma , Elena and her friendly smile is the first image that comes to my mind

Congratualtion to our newly engaged couple Alex and Julia
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