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Who is the Russian Enigma introduction agency for?
Single men from most countries are welcome here. Id like to say that men from Western European countries are more attractive to our ladies. Also, quite a large part of the ladies from RE would be happy to meet a life partner from such countries as the USA, Australia or Canada. We are sorry, but we do not work with men from Muslim countries.

Why do your ladies seek foreign men for marriage?
It is quite simple to answer, the female population is bigger then the male. Many women have a big problem trying to find the right men for creating a family. Another problem is the unstable economical situation in Russia where many men have lost themselves. They cant provide for their families, they do not take responsibility for their children, and very often they end up drinking a lot or even using drugs. The fact that there are more women then men In Russia has made them very spoilt by womans attentions, so they do not really value a womans love, faithfulness and care, they can easily leave one woman for another. In this situation many men are not interested in marriage and commitment. But, at the same time, Russian women still have their traditional views on family life, and simple want to have a cozy home and a traditional family way of life. They want to have stability, but they cant find it with Russian men.
On the other side, men from Western Europe, or the USA, Australia or Canada have the reputation of being real gentlemen, who value their family, and  who want to take care of their wives and children. This is exactly what our women desire. So, its easy to understand why Russian women look for a foreign husband. YOU are able to offer them what they desire, so YOU could be that person, they long for, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to loving them and sharing your life with them.

Should I write to the ladies first before my visit? Will it help me with my Romance Journey?
Id say it depends on your readiness and willingness to take a Romance Journey.
If you are not ready yet, or if you want to be sure that there is somebody who really wishes to meet you, if you need more time to think about when should you go, then writing to the ladies first, will be better for you before you commit yourself.
But, if you are already certain about taking the Romance Journey to find your soul-mate, it is better to come over here with an open heart". Trying to form too strong a friendship with one of our ladies before you meet her, could later be a hindrance to you, if you meet other lady who you like, when you come to visit us. Lastly, something for you to think about, there is a saying in Russia that Russian men talk a lot, but do very little (talk is cheap), so Russian ladies prefer someone whose actions match their words, instead of someone who writes endless letters, leading to nothing.

I have questions that are not answered here.
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I'm married now and we are very happy. Thank you for nice help.

I have decided to undertake this adventure

Elena was an excellent host in my stay in Rostov.

When I remember Russian-Enigma , Elena and her friendly smile is the first image that comes to my mind

Congratualtion to our newly engaged couple Alex and Julia
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Katya #1348
Age: 37 Height:  5 ft 4"


Yulia #1002
Age: 56 Height:  5 ft 2"


Love story

They met each other in Rostov...
My heart is full of joy because she has loved me, and has taken away all my loneliness!
There was a spark which turned into a relationship...
Our meetings report 2008
Happy couple matched


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