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Russian Enigma presents photos of the most beautiful Russian women.

Olga #89

They are all sincere, lonely and want a family's warmth and happiness. All
of the lady members are well known to us and all are genuinely committed to
meeting the right man for a serious relationship leading to marriage. Our women do not look on these relationships as a means to leave Russia. Many of them will be professionals in well paid jobs. Additionally, existing family ties are very important to them. However, when they have found the right partner for them, they would be prepared to follow him anywhere.

They live and work in the city of Rostov-on-Don or the surrounding area. Every week new women register with Russian Enigma, women who are looking to settle into family lives. Generally, they do not want much. They want simple things: to love and be loved, to have children and a comfortable house, to be sure of their future. All our women are interested in long-term commitment. They are kind and loyal, intelligent and educated, beautiful and sexy. They are more feminine than West European women. They are genuine, truthful and trustworthy.

There is a saying in Russia that "the most beautiful women live in Rostov-on-Don." And this is true! They are famous for their special beauty;the mixing of many nationalities in the South of Russia gives them their unique charm. You will be surprised how many gorgeous women you can see in one place! At the same time, Rostov women are very home-loving people, who enjoy the comforts of home, and building a warm environment. Yet they are also romantic at heart. They are waiting for their "princes" and they are
ready to dedicate all their lives to them.

If you want to meet a truly
Russian soul and to get to the bottom of the Russian woman's mystery, come
to the province, not the capital! The women here are more open-minded, sincere, and less spoilt than those from more 'international' cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.  You will feel comfortable with them; in Rostov-on-Don you will have much more opportunity to meet both a loving wife and a loyal friend for life.

Please, take your time to browse our Gallery pages!

Russian Enigma has the best looking women in South Russia



I'm married now and we are very happy. Thank you for nice help.

I have decided to undertake this adventure

Elena was an excellent host in my stay in Rostov.

When I remember Russian-Enigma , Elena and her friendly smile is the first image that comes to my mind

Congratualtion to our newly engaged couple Alex and Julia
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Natalia #1011
Age: 34 Height:  5 ft 1"


Elena #1211
Age: 48 Height:  5 ft 6"


Love story

They met each other in Rostov...
My heart is full of joy because she has loved me, and has taken away all my loneliness!
There was a spark which turned into a relationship...
Our meetings report 2008
Happy couple matched


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