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E-mail forwarding service 

You can start corresponding with any lady or ladies from our database straight away using our E-mail-forwarding service.

How much will it cost me?

Forwarding of e-mail letter/letters to the chosen lady/ladies, including her/their answer, if she/they does:

1 month e-mail forwarding service: $35.00

Cautious/Determined member - $20.00

You can also send one or two photos as an attachment to , preferably in JPEG format (file extension .jpg or .jpeg).The size of each file should not exceed 100Kb. Note* Do not forget to Include your LOGIN and the ID of the recipient in the body of the message.

NOTE 1: It is not aloud to send or ask any personal contact details, such as direct e-mails, telephone numbers, or postal addresses, when you use our e-mail-forwarding service. The letters with such information will not be delivered.


 NOTE 2: Translation is not included.

If you like the idea of being able writing to our ladies directly to their personal e-mails, placing Your Personal Ad for FREE, asking of additional information about the ladies for FREE, having up to 20% discount for the Romance Journey and other discounts for our services - then take your chance to become a member!

How does it work?

To send e-mails to our ladies, you should first register. Then you should go to the Gallery and chose the lady/ladies to whom you would like to send e-mails and click the Add to my mailbox button on the ladie's pages. When you have finished selecting, you should go to your mailbox and decide how you would like to pay. You can pay for a single e-mail ,  or to buy one of  e-mail "packages"(you can place as many e-mails as you want in your shopping cart), which saves you a lot of money. Also, keep in mind, if you prefer to sign up one of our fee memberships, instead of a separate payment for  each letter,  you can get the personal e-mails and write unlimited e-mails to any lady or ladies from our database. Membership of Russian Enigma has many other benefits and advantages. To know them, click here. After payment has been made, you should return to your personal mailbox, and begin your correspondence. ALL ladies from our website have their own mailboxes. Once any message has been appeared in the lady's mailbox, she will be informed the same or next day. Then she will be able to send her reply to you. When a message arrives into your mailbox, a notification will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered. You then go to your mailbox and open the message. Remember, all answer back e-mails from the ladies are FREE for both you and  them.

How soon can I start my e-mail correspondence?

It depends on the method of payment.

If you use your credit card, and once your payment is made (securely via SSL), all contact information is released to you on-line. After making payment, and after the screen displays that your payment has been VERIFIED and ACCEPTED, please, e-mail us for we can give you an access to to send e-mails. Then, after you have got a reply from us, please log in again to the web site. You will now be able to send the appropriate number of e-mails relative to your payment (for example, if you paid for 10 e-mails, you will be able to send 10 e-mail letters). Remember that each e-mail that you send will decrease the number remaining to you by one). 

If you make your payment through Western Union or by cheque or bank transfer, you will be given the access to send the appropriate number of e-mails to your payment the day following receipt of your money.

Some notes and advices
Remember that if you send a photo with your letter it will greatly increase your number of potential replies !!

How do I access your services?
To do this, select the service you require, including purchasing of addresses or single e-mails and/or membership, gifts and flowers delivery and The Romance Journey. Information about our services and their prices, are placed in your shopping cart where you will be able to edit your order, changing items or adding others. Once you are sure your shopping cart contains what you want and are satisfied with the total price of the package, you may choose the method of payment. Once you have done this, your order will be finalized and can no longer be edited.  





I'm married now and we are very happy. Thank you for nice help.

I have decided to undertake this adventure

Elena was an excellent host in my stay in Rostov.

When I remember Russian-Enigma , Elena and her friendly smile is the first image that comes to my mind

Congratualtion to our newly engaged couple Alex and Julia
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Victoria #1535
Age: 26 Height:  5 ft 7"


Irina #1379
Age: 52 Height:  5 ft 4"


Love story

They met each other in Rostov...
My heart is full of joy because she has loved me, and has taken away all my loneliness!
There was a spark which turned into a relationship...
Our meetings report 2008
Happy couple matched


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