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Why Russian Enigma

"Russian Enigma" offers you the least expensive personal assistance/services.

If you arrange your Russian visit through an agency located in the USA, or any Western European country, your tour services would be provided by their Russian-based partners so you will have to pay commission to both links of the chain: Russian and USA/Western European representatives.   If you choose us you would pay less for the same kind of service.  And if you can get the same result, what is the reason to pay more?

"Russian Enigma" knows all women listed in database personally

All our women live in the same city we live. All our women come to our office personally to be registered. We interview them in every detail, we talk to them trying to understand how serious they are in their decision to find foreign husband. So, our personal acquaintance with our women is our strong advantage over the non-Russia located agencies.


"Russian Enigma" lets you opportunity to start a relationship with a personal meeting.

Truly, we do not believe that you can find a right partner by correspondence.  Youll be writing to a lady who is a complete stranger to you, somebody who you never knew before.

You can fall in love, you can dream about her, you can spend a lot of time and money, but youll never get to really know this lady until you meet her in person. So many dreams have been destroyed after a first meeting! You realize that you are both completely different from what you expected. You understand that you could never become special to each other. Everything you were living for lately (maybe for years!) falls to the ground in one moment! You are coming back home with no result, to start all over again. Your feelings are down and your isolation is getting gloomier.


We offer you the chance to start your magical journey to romance and love with a person-to-person meeting.  You will come to us with a free /clear heart, full of hopes, and it is our work to make them true. When you see your special woman, you will recognize her from the first look. You will be happy just looking in her eyes, holding her hand, and enjoying discovering even small things about each other.   (Also, please, keep in mind, that one of the requirements of the fiancée visa is that you and your lady have met prior to the application, and it is still difficult for Russians to travel outside Russia, so you have to travel to Russia at some point anyway.)

Although we offer a correspondence service, we strongly recommend that you take our Romance journey to meet Your Special Lady in person.

"Russian Enigma" is an experienced company.

We have been in operation since 1995. Our staff has been helping overseas visitors find love in Russia since 1995 and we have great experience in the international introduction sphere. We have conducted hundreds of personal tours since 1995.

"Russian Enigma" offers very personalized tours.

Group tours are good if you travel for fun. But if you are seriously trying to find a long-term relationship leading to marriage, we believe that huge group tours, where your personal needs can be lost, are not the best way. You will feel much more comfortable in our very intimate and personal tour, where only you will be important to us. We will have long talks (everyone needs to be listened to!), for as much time as it needs to get to know you, your personality, your views and expectation in life. We will discuss the kind of women youre looking for, and use our personal knowledge of our Russian ladies to match them.  We find the feedback after each introduction is very important, so we will be talking to both you and each lady you have met, as this helps us to better understand your specific desires when arranging your next introduction. Where needed, we can offer an interpreter for your first or subsequent meetings if you wish.

Youll receive both the personal attention and professional high quality assistance you deserve in the creation of your happy family. We will realistically discuss your personal prospects, we will advice what you should do and what you shouldnt, and we will help you to make a right choice. 


"Russian Enigma" invites as many women as you need to find a special one.

We can provide you with the meetings with women from our own database, or from the thousands of profiles featured on Internet sites if they live in Rostov-on-Don or the Rostov area.  We can invite not only ladies from our database but also any lady who is living in Rostov-on-Don or the Rostov area, if you give us her name and contact details.


"Russian Enigma" offers a long enough tour to actually accomplish your goals.

Experience has shown us that the one and only problem you may have here is lack of time. After being introduced to 10-15 women (or more, if you can!) during the first 2-3 days youll understand that you like most of them. Many of our clients say: "I havent met so many fantastic women in the whole of my life as I met in Rostov in only three days!

 So, you must make a choice, but how you can do it, if you have met each of the ladies just once? You want to spend more time with each of the ladies you liked, which takes another 2-3 days, then just when you feel you have found your special one, you have to leave her, because your 7-days tour is finished! It is so sad to see two hearts, which were just falling in love, after looking for each other for such a long time, only to be forced to separate again! They want to stay longer together if only for a day! And how happy you could be if you would come for a 14-days tour! You can enjoy being together, you can get to know each other better, you can became much closer, you can even become engaged, at last! 

The more time you can spend in Russia the better. (And, as a more practical matter, a 14-days tour could save you a lot of money, because you wont need the second visit which is usually needed after a short, 7-days tour.)

Though we can provide 7-day tours, we strongly recommend you to take a 14-days tour.



"Russian Enigma" works 24 hours.

We are working with the clients 7 days per week with no weekends or days off. In case of emergencies you can contact us even during the night.


"Russian Enigma" enjoys its job!

We really love our work and do it with genuine delight and enthusiasm. We feel incredible pleasure when a relationship is being established.



I'm married now and we are very happy. Thank you for nice help.

I have decided to undertake this adventure

Elena was an excellent host in my stay in Rostov.

When I remember Russian-Enigma , Elena and her friendly smile is the first image that comes to my mind

Congratualtion to our newly engaged couple Alex and Julia
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Svetlana #1498
Age: 48 Height:  5 ft 4"


Marina #1080
Age: 56 Height:  5 ft 6"


Love story

They met each other in Rostov...
My heart is full of joy because she has loved me, and has taken away all my loneliness!
There was a spark which turned into a relationship...
Our meetings report 2008
Happy couple matched


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